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With our deep hole drilling machines and the appropriate deep hole drilling tools as well as our service for sub-contract deep hole drilling we are a competent partner for our customers – since 1966.


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Deep Drilling Tools

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Deep Drilling Machines and Services

With the TBT deep hole drilling tools with indexable inserts you get a powerful system designed for high chip volume for use on machining centers and deep hole drilling machines.

Main features:
  1. High efficiency by specifically developed cutting edge geometry for optimal chip formation.
  2. Short downtime resulting from quick exchange of wear parts on the clamped tool.
  3. User-friendly as there is no regrinding and easy inventory of wear parts.
  4. Long tool life due to full coating and edge treatment
  5. Quick availability due to stocked wear parts.

The WP-ELB Series 10 is available in diameters ranging from 12,00 to 28,00 mm.
Drill heads are manufactured in 0,1 mm increments.
By means of adjusting shims, the bore diameter can be fine tuned

For cross drilling a version with extra long drill head and 3 additional guide pads is available as option.

The tool clamping on the machine is the same as with conventional deep hole drilling tools with brazed carbide head. There are all clamping elements available

You get the TBT single-lip drills with indexable inserts fully equipped and ready for use, together with the necessary key to change the wear parts.

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Stock Range of Solid Carbide Gun Drills

Available range from Ø 2,00 mm to Ø 6,00 mm in steps of 1 mm.
Each diameter is available for drilling depths of 35xD, 45xD and 55xD.
The drills are equipped with a plain cylindrical driver Ø 10x40x55 mm.

Available from 1 piece. We ship within 24 hours.


Stock range of gun drills with brazed carbide tip

We offer a large variety in terms of length and diameter from our stock. The tools are stocked without driver.
Upon order the tools will be equipped with the requested driver and prepared for shipment.

We will produce the tools within 5 working days.

For an additional premium a production time of 48 hours is possible.

For more information please refer to the data sheet:


The particular advantages of our double-lip drills are the high feed rates attainable in short-chipping materials, compared to the single-lip tools.

Various regrinding devices allow you to regrind your single-lip drill yourself. Our many years of experience in this area have been positively invested in the design and production of our grinding machines, jigs and associated accessories.

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Our range of products is completed by the corresponding tool- and machining accessories. We offer a wide variety of grinding devices and tool length setting instruments as well as shrinking devices.

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Within our delivery program we also have a wide variety of special tools. The range of tools covers a spectrum ranging from step-drills, counter-boring tools up to changeable/indexable insert drills.

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  drill diameter
HS-TWIST-Drill-15xD 3,00 – 16,00 mm
HS-TWIST-Drill-20xD 3,00 – 16,00 mm
HS-TWIST-Drill-25xD 3,00 – 14,00 mm
HS-TWIST-Drill-30xD 3,00 – 12,00 mm

Overview "HS-TWIST-Drill"

Overview TBT HS-twist-drill

  • With internal coolant supply
  • In all dimensions available

Coating: MxF (“E”)
No. of flutes: 2
Guiding margins: 4
Shank form: HA (“A”)
Point geometry: Special point geometry
Point angle: 135°
Helix: 30°

Gun drills available in diameter range starting from 2,5 mm up to 13,50 mm and OAL up to 1500 mm.
The tools are uncoated and available in diameter steps of 0,1 mm.

We will produce the tools within 48 hours.

For more information please refer to the data sheet:


Innovative TBT high-speed cutting edge geometry, precision-ground tool surface and ultra smooth coating due to own top finishing allows feed speeds of up to factor 5 compared with conventional carbide single-lip drills. We will be happy to provide further information on request.

Single-lip drills are available in different designs.
The main differences are single-lip drills with brazed-on drill heads,
solid carbide single-lip drills and the latest technology: the high-speed single-lip drills.