High-speed tools

Patented HS cutting geometry

An innovative TBT high-speed cutting geometry. The precision-ground tool surface and an ultra-smooth layer due to proprietary top finishing allow feed rates up to a factor of 5 compared to conventional solid carbide single-lip drills. We will be pleased to provide you with further information on request.

The high-speed single-lip drills from TBT have a special grinding with a chip former located on the main cutting edge. In order to be able to realize feed rates of 400 to 800 mm/min depending on the material, the complete tool is made of solid carbide.


To reduce investment costs, the drill head of the HS single-lip drill is brazed onto a conventional steel shank. This allows significantly longer and less expensive drills to be produced. With this variant of a high-speed single-lip drill with steel shank, the feed rate could be tripled compared to the conventional single-lip drill. The tool life of the drill head was doubled despite the higher feed rate.


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